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The "after David"

The other day, a friend who had recently been in major trouble at work said to me, "I'm so glad I didn't sign that after David when the manager wanted me to."

Thinking I must have heard her wrong, I asked, "Sign the what?"

"The after David," she repeated clearly.

I am totally going to call an affidavit an "after David" from now on.

(BTW, my friend is a native English speaker.)

Snow, ice, and cold still suck.

I really hate winter. I rarely complain about even unpleasantly hot summer weather because it's so much better than this current wave of crap. It's so cold and icy here, three of the four doors on my car froze shut the other day. Just since winter began, I've gotten stuck in snow twice, hydroplaned, skidded numerous times, and stayed home several days when I would have preferred to go out but didn't think the car could make it safely.

Anytime it's summer and I start to whine about the heat, I stop myself with this thought: "It's not winter!" I have never felt that I endanger myself or others by going anywhere in summer, and I do feel that way all too often in winter.

Today is one of those days. It's absolutely disgusting outside, with piles of filthy snow, big patches of nasty ice, horrible roads, and bone-chilling cold. Wish I could hibernate until March or April.

I'm going to watch Netflix and try to knit a hat today. No more shoveling!
Is anyone reading this going to Chicago TARDIS this weekend? I'll be there for the eighth (I think) straight year along with a bunch of scarves I've knit. In a final desperate surge of work, I finished two more scarves recently. They're the ones on the left in the photo below.


Those two are based on the scarf on the right. That baby took so long to make that I decided to experiment with larger needles and thicker yarn, which means that the pair on the left took considerably less time to complete--though they weren't quick work, by any means.

I wonder how many scarves I can cram into my luggage. Let's put it this way, they'll probably take up more space than everything else I'm bringing combined.


Passed out Halloween candy last night. Ran out for the first time ever.

The trick-or-treating window in my area is just an hour and a half, from 5:30 until 7:00 on Halloween. I started out giving two pieces of chocolate candy, two pieces non-chocolate candy (lollipops, taffy, etc.), and one little game or toy to each trick-or-treater. This is more than I usually hand out, but I loved Halloween as a child and decided to be especially generous this year. After about 35 minutes, I ran out of games and toys. After around 45 minutes, I realized that I was going to run out of candy too at the pace I was going. I cut back to handing out three pieces per kid, then two.

Still not good enough. I wanted to make it until the ending time of 7:00, so I dug through the cupboards in search of anything else I could give out and came up with packs of gum and individually wrapped snack bars. So for the final half hour, each child received one piece of chocolate and a pack of gum or a snack bar.

Note to self for next year: Buy at least ten medium bags of candy and a hundred small toys/games. Anything I don't hand out, I will happily eat or give away at Christmas.

New TV shows

Every fall, I try to watch the first episode (or more) of each new TV show on the major networks (ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC). IMO, this season has been a good one overall, certainly better than the last few.

I'm enjoying this first batch enough to keep watching, at least for now.
LIKE: Designated Survivor, The Good Place, No Tomorrow, Pitch, This Is Us, Timeless
Frequency is borderline. I liked the pilot but lost some interest during episode #2.

I actively dislike this next group of shows because I feel that they're lazy and boring.
DISLIKE: Bull, MacGyver, Notorious

The last group has not grabbed my attention. The Exorcist is probably good enough, just not my kind of show. Kevin Can Wait falls into the "lazy" category, but it doesn't stir enough of a reaction in me to make me place it in the "dislike" column.
INDIFFERENT: Conviction, The Exorcist, Kevin Can Wait, Lethal Weapon, Son of Zorn, Speechless

I guess I'll post full reviews one of these days. I have a fair amount to say about some of these shows.


Two Doctor Who scarves

Ugh, I haven't posted here since March? Not good. I'm going to get more active again, starting with this post that features a couple of my newer Doctor Who scarves. One was knit in January, and the other was finished on July 23.

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Chicago TARDIS 2015 recap

So it was my seventh straight year attending Chicago TARDIS over Thanksgiving weekend (November 27-29, with a reception on the 26th). I planned to post this recap sooner, but better late than never. Last year I did NOT post a recap, and I regret skipping it.

Anyway, this year's con again saw a nice mix of Classic and New Who guests with Big Finish, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane Adventures also represented. Unfortunately, Jenna Coleman (Clara) had to cancel her appearance about two weeks prior to the con, and Eve Myles (Gwen) pulled out several days after that. That was disappointing, but obviously they hadn't wanted to cancel and it was just something that couldn't be helped. The con organizers then obtained Ingrid Oliver (Osgood) as a replacement guest. She was a very popular choice with fans.

The other guests were Alex Kingston (River Song), Samuel Anderson (Danny), Burn Gorman (Owen), Richard Franklin (Yates), Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor), Dan Starkey (Strax), John Levene (Benton), Christopher Jones (comic books), Tom Spilsbury (editor, Doctor Who magazine), Ross Mullan (the Silence and the Teller), Ian McNeice (Churchill), Katy Manning (Jo and Iris Wildthyme), Finn Jones (Santiago Jones), Sarah Louise Madison (Weeping Angel), Andrew Cartmel (script editor), Jason Haigh-Ellery (Big Finish), Nicholas Briggs (Big Finish), Sean Carlsen (Big Finish), Chase Masterson (Big Finish), and writers Tony Lee, David J. Howe, Sam Stone, Robert Smith?, and Graeme Burk. Hope I didn't leave anyone out.

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Chicago TARDIS

Well, I'm at the hotel now for Chicago TARDIS. Seeing that it's barely 1pm local time, no con activities have started yet. I hope that next year I come up with a reasonable way of getting here that does not involve arriving so early and also leaving so late--I don't catch my train home until Monday evening, and the con ends on Sunday. Last year I never wrote up a con recap post, but I'll do one this year.

Torchwood and Big Finish scarves

I posted photos of my Torchwood scarves on Nov. 1, but I forgot until now to link from here to who_at_50, where the post is, in case anyone wants to go look.

Bonus: Two of the scarves are also Big Finish. I knit a Torchwood design on one side and a Big Finish design on the other. I got this idea from Lars Pearson, a guest at Chicago TARDIS last year who saw me wearing a Torchwood scarf and then about ten minutes saw me wearing a Big Finish scarf. Both had red backgrounds in the same shade, and he thought the Big Finish scarf might have a Torchwood design on the other side rather being a different scarf. Well, it wasn't, but it gave me the idea to create one like that. I ended up making two. They were interesting experiments.

Any questions, let me know. I don't pretend to be an expert at any of this, but I can provide notes or some sort of pattern/advice if anyone wants to try knitting one of these babies or whatever.

Cyberman scarf

Here is one of my recently completed scarves. It's double-knit, which means it has two layers. Usually with double knitting, side 2 is the reverse of side 1. That is, images and letters read correctly on side 1 but are backwards on side 2. This annoys me, so I learned how to fix that issue. Basically, I modified the letters to make them read properly no matter which side of the scarf is facing upward. The Cyberman heads required no modifications since they very conveniently look the same on both sides (except for one being white and the other being gray) with no extra work.

This scarf can be worn with white background facing up, gray background facing up, or with a twist--as in the photo below--so that one side white and one side gray are facing up.

I didn't work off of a written pattern. I've done Cyberman heads before, so I just used an old one as a model, counted my stitches as I went along with this new scarf, and changed colors where needed. The letters, fortunately, are easy ones to shape, and I figured those all in my head. Plus I've done so much double knitting over the last few years that the basics have become pretty familiar to me.

The scarf might be my contribution to the Chicago TARDIS charity auction next month. I'm going to donate something, anyway, even if not this.

Torchwood scarf pics will be posted on November 1.

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Still around

This is not a post of much substance. I'm still around and have been knitting like a demon since August, making scarf after scarf, all Doctor Who-related. I'll gather them up and take a group picture within a few days. My latest few are in the washing machine as I type, going through the gentle cycle to make them softer. I also hope that this washing will stretch the newest one (which I finished about half an hour ago) several inches and even out some of the clumsier stitches.

Summer movies

I haven't posted much in ages, but I'm still around and don't plan to leave LJ.

Quick post just to get me started: I've seen exactly two movies this summer, both way after they opened and had moved to the discount theater not too far from my house. Ticket prices are $4 most days, $2 on Mondays. I may be the only person in the world who didn't much care for Avengers: Age of Ultron. I was so bored, I felt asleep and missed most of the first half hour. Then I spent the rest of the movie playing catch-up and not really knowing why some things were happening. A lot was thrown at the screen; relatively little stuck with me.

OTOH, I kind of liked Mad Max: Fury Road. Yeah, it was pretty much one big chase scene with the occasional interruption, but it was reasonably entertaining. And it didn't make me fall asleep!

I may see Spy and Max within the next week, since they're scheduled to start playing at the local theater later this week and probably won't be around for very long.