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Chicago TARDIS

Well, I'm at the hotel now for Chicago TARDIS. Seeing that it's barely 1pm local time, no con activities have started yet. I hope that next year I come up with a reasonable way of getting here that does not involve arriving so early and also leaving so late--I don't catch my train home until Monday evening, and the con ends on Sunday. Last year I never wrote up a con recap post, but I'll do one this year.

Torchwood and Big Finish scarves

I posted photos of my Torchwood scarves on Nov. 1, but I forgot until now to link from here to who_at_50, where the post is, in case anyone wants to go look.

Bonus: Two of the scarves are also Big Finish. I knit a Torchwood design on one side and a Big Finish design on the other. I got this idea from Lars Pearson, a guest at Chicago TARDIS last year who saw me wearing a Torchwood scarf and then about ten minutes saw me wearing a Big Finish scarf. Both had red backgrounds in the same shade, and he thought the Big Finish scarf might have a Torchwood design on the other side rather being a different scarf. Well, it wasn't, but it gave me the idea to create one like that. I ended up making two. They were interesting experiments.

Any questions, let me know. I don't pretend to be an expert at any of this, but I can provide notes or some sort of pattern/advice if anyone wants to try knitting one of these babies or whatever.

Cyberman scarf

Here is one of my recently completed scarves. It's double-knit, which means it has two layers. Usually with double knitting, side 2 is the reverse of side 1. That is, images and letters read correctly on side 1 but are backwards on side 2. This annoys me, so I learned how to fix that issue. Basically, I modified the letters to make them read properly no matter which side of the scarf is facing upward. The Cyberman heads required no modifications since they very conveniently look the same on both sides (except for one being white and the other being gray) with no extra work.

This scarf can be worn with white background facing up, gray background facing up, or with a twist--as in the photo below--so that one side white and one side gray are facing up.

I didn't work off of a written pattern. I've done Cyberman heads before, so I just used an old one as a model, counted my stitches as I went along with this new scarf, and changed colors where needed. The letters, fortunately, are easy ones to shape, and I figured those all in my head. Plus I've done so much double knitting over the last few years that the basics have become pretty familiar to me.

The scarf might be my contribution to the Chicago TARDIS charity auction next month. I'm going to donate something, anyway, even if not this.

Torchwood scarf pics will be posted on November 1.

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Still around

This is not a post of much substance. I'm still around and have been knitting like a demon since August, making scarf after scarf, all Doctor Who-related. I'll gather them up and take a group picture within a few days. My latest few are in the washing machine as I type, going through the gentle cycle to make them softer. I also hope that this washing will stretch the newest one (which I finished about half an hour ago) several inches and even out some of the clumsier stitches.

Summer movies

I haven't posted much in ages, but I'm still around and don't plan to leave LJ.

Quick post just to get me started: I've seen exactly two movies this summer, both way after they opened and had moved to the discount theater not too far from my house. Ticket prices are $4 most days, $2 on Mondays. I may be the only person in the world who didn't much care for Avengers: Age of Ultron. I was so bored, I felt asleep and missed most of the first half hour. Then I spent the rest of the movie playing catch-up and not really knowing why some things were happening. A lot was thrown at the screen; relatively little stuck with me.

OTOH, I kind of liked Mad Max: Fury Road. Yeah, it was pretty much one big chase scene with the occasional interruption, but it was reasonably entertaining. And it didn't make me fall asleep!

I may see Spy and Max within the next week, since they're scheduled to start playing at the local theater later this week and probably won't be around for very long.

Cat picspam

Since I've had Jack for five years today, I'm posting a few fairly recent pictures. He's around eight now; I gave him a January birthday so I'll have a reason to celebrate something during my least favorite month.

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I'm still around

Haven't posted since late November, but that's actually not bad compared to some, I think. I was checking my flist and saw one friend who hasn't posted in three years. She's not the only one who hasn't been around in ages. Honestly, I wonder if something bad has happened to a few people. I have no way of knowing what's up. Maybe they dropped LJ and moved to Twitter or Tumblr or wherever, but none of them give any indication of this on their journals.

Anyway, I was particularly inspired to post today because apparently some people are weeding their flists at the start of the year. And I just got weeded by someone. So I weeded back, since I really don't want a non-friend to have access to my friends-only posts.

I'm not deleting anyone else unless they delete me first. Doesn't matter if you haven't been active in a while. I hope to see more of you posting this year, and I'm going to try to post/comment more myself. I didn't do too well with that this past year, for sure, but I'll work on it.

On my way to Chicago TARDIS

I can't remember the last time I had to get up at 5:30 am. I am NOT a morning person. But I have to catch the only train in the area that goes to Chicago, and it goes there just once a day.

Anyway, I hope to see some familiar faces at the convention. I'll post a full report when I get home.

Big Finish: Evelyn Smythe post

For those of you who don't know, Maggie Stables (Evelyn from the Doctor Who Big Finish audios) died on Sept. 26. Evelyn is possibly my favorite original BF companion (it comes down to her and Charley). I haven't listened to all of her audios yet, but of the ones I've heard, I most strongly recommend The Marian Conspiracy and Doctor Who and the Pirates. Big Finish's Evelyn Audios: I used the Big Finish filter to come up with this list of the audios she's been in. All are available for downloading, and most are available on CD as well.

Anyway, I went looking online for Evelyn-related posts and found some for artwork, audio reviews, fanfic, icons, and more. Did you know that someone crocheted an Evelyn doll? Now I kind of want to learn to crochet just so I can make that doll. And even though I don't drink tea, I kind of want to buy Evelyn-inspired tea (at least two blends are available!).

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Free Spoonflower swatch for next 23 hours

Spoonflower is offering a free 8-inch-square swatch of a material they call Eco Canvas. It's available for free for a 24-hour period only. At the time I'm posting, the first hour is almost up. This promotion ends at noon Eastern on Wed., Aug. 20. Shipping is free, and the offer is available worldwide. I thought maybe someone on my flist might be interested. I ordered a swatch with a Torchwood design on it.

Knitting is NOT relaxing

I feel my blood pressure shoot through the roof most of the time when I pick up knitting needles.

Also, how the HELL do you increase in double knitting? The videos I've found so far are impossible to follow.

Lauren Bacall

Five jillion posts on Facebook about Robin Williams within a few hours of his death, and virtually nothing about Lauren Bacall yet. The reaction of one of my friends when Bacall's death was mentioned: "Who's that?" * doubleheaddesk*