I’m back, Doctor Who knitting, and scam baiting

Well...I’m around. Been meaning to post for ages and haven’t until now. Who’s still active? Or lurking?

I’m going to post some Doctor Who knitting photos here soon. I can finally make cardigans! Actually have done so for a couple years now. They fit me, so this is a big deal. I’m not a very intuitive knitter at all. Plus I continue to make hats and scarves and so on. Most of my knitting is still Doctor Who-related.

If anyone has interest in seeing the knitting photos, please say so. I won’t be surprised if I get silence, seeing how sadly quiet LJ is these days, but I’ll still post the pictures. You can also see patterns if you’d like and ask questions.

A topic for another day is my “engagement” to a con artist I met on Facebook. He’s trying to get money out of me. Good luck with that! We’re planning an autumn wedding. As soon as I send him $5200 lol.

Still around

Well, I'm still here. I've been doing a lot of knitting and have actually made items other than scarves lately. This is major progress for me. I'll have to post photos of some of this year's projects. Maybe this weekend.

My Doctor Who and car nightmares

About a month ago, I had a dream that the brakes failed on the (borrowed) car I'd been driving for several months, and I died in a fiery crash. When I woke up, it took me a few seconds to realize that I was actually still alive.

The following night, I dreamed that when I went to the Chicago TARDIS Doctor Who convention, a suitcase containing all of my hand-knit Who scarves was stolen. All I could think about was how long it took me to make them and how it would be incredibly difficult to even come close to recreating all of that work.

Dream 2 bothered me more than dream 1 did. But I still went back to sleep promptly after waking from both of them.

Back to real life. Collapse )

LJ 18th anniversary

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

I made my first post to this journal on April 28, 2004. I actually had another LJ for a while as well, mostly for Buffy fandom. I was beta reading for an author over there who often sent me fic that she wrote while drunk and apologized for the day after. Anyway, one day I heard from an acquaintance that the author had been struck by a car and died. Someone in our online social circle had the author's address, which she shared so we could send cards to the bereaved family. Not long after, the "late" author returned under another LJ name and confessed that she had made up the whole story. I suspect that when her family started to receive sympathy cards, they wormed the truth out of her and made her confess. I don't know what happened to her after this business. Her new LJ account also vanished. Maybe she started over under a different name.

I don't remember why I deleted my other LJ account, but I started this one in order to participate in a Bad Buffy Fic Mockathon. Participants wrote deliberately bad stories, which were then mocked by the requesters. My contribution was the horrid Willow's Special Spell, which was mocked here. That was fun. And also a long time ago.

The "after David"

The other day, a friend who had recently been in major trouble at work said to me, "I'm so glad I didn't sign that after David when the manager wanted me to."

Thinking I must have heard her wrong, I asked, "Sign the what?"

"The after David," she repeated clearly.

I am totally going to call an affidavit an "after David" from now on.

(BTW, my friend is a native English speaker.)

Snow, ice, and cold still suck.

I really hate winter. I rarely complain about even unpleasantly hot summer weather because it's so much better than this current wave of crap. It's so cold and icy here, three of the four doors on my car froze shut the other day. Just since winter began, I've gotten stuck in snow twice, hydroplaned, skidded numerous times, and stayed home several days when I would have preferred to go out but didn't think the car could make it safely.

Anytime it's summer and I start to whine about the heat, I stop myself with this thought: "It's not winter!" I have never felt that I endanger myself or others by going anywhere in summer, and I do feel that way all too often in winter.

Today is one of those days. It's absolutely disgusting outside, with piles of filthy snow, big patches of nasty ice, horrible roads, and bone-chilling cold. Wish I could hibernate until March or April.

I'm going to watch Netflix and try to knit a hat today. No more shoveling!

Chicago TARDIS: who's going? Plus two new Doctor Who scarves

Is anyone reading this going to Chicago TARDIS this weekend? I'll be there for the eighth (I think) straight year along with a bunch of scarves I've knit. In a final desperate surge of work, I finished two more scarves recently. They're the ones on the left in the photo below.


Those two are based on the scarf on the right. That baby took so long to make that I decided to experiment with larger needles and thicker yarn, which means that the pair on the left took considerably less time to complete--though they weren't quick work, by any means.

I wonder how many scarves I can cram into my luggage. Let's put it this way, they'll probably take up more space than everything else I'm bringing combined.