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ghost2's Journal

9 November
I live in Michigan (but wish I didn't, especially during the vile winters), my favorite hobbies are reading and writing, and I'm very into Doctor Who right now, specifically the classic series. My favorite Doctors are Four, Five, and Seven in pretty much a triple tie for the top spot. I also like Torchwood a lot. I watch a lot of other TV as well, including Arrow, Grey's Anatomy, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Once Upon a Time, and iZombie. I'll happily discuss any of those shows (or past favorites such as Angel, ER, Ugly Betty, Gilmore Girls, and The X-Files).

New friends are welcome.

Finally, my custom mood theme was designed by Alden. Yes, I'm a big K9 fan. :) The mini icons I'm using were created by angeliquesg. The Big Finish colorbar was created by ventruechick.